Sunday 17 November 2019
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Businessinsider - 8 days ago

How to make a private album on your iPhone with a free app, and keep your photos secure

You can make private album on an iPhone with a third-party app. There are several apps that ll allow you to do this, but here s a look at Photo Vault, one of the most commonly used ones. Visit Business Insider s homepage for more stories. While the iPhone allows you to hide photos, it doesn t provide much security, as your images can still be easily found if someone knows where to look. In order to create a truly private album that s password-protected, you ll need to download a third-party app. While there are several different apps that you can use to protect your iPhone images, Photo Vault is one of the more commonly used ones. Here s how to use it. Check out the products mentioned in this article: iPhone 11 (From 699.99 at Best Buy) How to make a private album on an iPhone using Photo Vault 1. Download the Photo Vault app from the App Store. On the App Store, it s called Private Photo Vault - Pic Safe, and its icon is a folder with a key going inside of it. 2. Open the Photo Vault app. 3. Tap Start. 4. Tap Set Passcode and type in your desired four-digit password. 5. Confirm your passcode on the following screen. 6. You can setup a pin recovery option in the event that you forget your passcode. If you click Setup, you ll be prompted to enter your email address on the next page. 7. Once you ve opted in or out of setting up pin recovery, tap Next on the following two screens. 8. Tap I Agree to complete the process, if you re okay with the app s terms and conditions. You can check them out by visiting this page. 9. You ll be brought to an Albums page. Tap on Main Album to get started. 10. Tap the + in the bottom-right corner of your screen. 11. You ll have the option to import from your photo library, or take a new picture with your camera. You ll likely be using the former, so tap on the icon above Photo Library. 12. The app will request access to your photos. Tap OK. 13. It ll pull up all of the albums in your iPhone s Photos app. Tap on the album where you ve stored the pictures that you d like to privatize. 14. Tap on the photos you d like to put into your private album. A checkmark in a green circle should appear in the bottom-right corner of your selected image(s). 15. Tap Done once you ve selected all of the photos you d like to put into the locked album. 16. Once you ve tapped Done, you ll have the option to delete the pictures you ve imported into the Photo Vault app from your iPhone s Photos app. Tap Delete to do this, or Cancel to keep them. 17. If you do decide to delete the copies, you ll be prompted to confirm your choice. Tap Delete to complete the process. 18. A message will appear to confirm that the photos have been deleted. Tap OK. 19. Now, you ll want to delete the photos that imported into Photo Vault from your Photos app s trash to ensure that they can t be found unless you re signing into Photo Vault. First, open the Photos app on your iPhone. 20. Scroll down and tap Recently Deleted. 21. Tap Select in the top-right corner and tap the photos that you imported into Photo Vault. 22. Tap Delete. Add an extra layer of security in Photo Vault 1. If you d like an extra layer of security beyond the pin number that you chose, swipe left over the Main Album tab, and you ll see a gray box with Edit appear. Tap Edit. 2. You ll then be prompted to enter a password, which can be a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Re-enter it, and then tap Save once done. Read more coverage from How To Do Everything: Tech: How to download files onto your iPhone, and where to find and open those files later How to open a RAR file on your Mac computer, for downloading or sharing a large number of files How to make a zip file on your Mac computer, to save some storage space and clear digital clutter How to download a PDF document on your iPhone and save it to Apple Books or iCloud Files SEE ALSO: The best iPhone accessories from cases to lightning cables Join the conversation about this story NOW WATCH: Inside the US government s top-secret bioweapons lab

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