Sunday 17 November 2019
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Businessinsider - 9 days ago

29 outdoor gifts for the holidays from REI — for everyone from skiers and snowboards, to campers and hikers

For the outdoor-adventure-minded, there s no place like REI. A veritable wonderland of all things outdoors from camping stoves to stand-up paddleboards and sleeping bags, it s our go-to for a one-stop shop before setting out into the wilds. Below, we ve rounded up some of our favorites from within and without the co-op, and if it s an experience that they re after, REI has you covered there, too. Outdoorsy folk can be a fussy bunch, and rightfully so. After all, this is stuff they, and often their very lives, truly depend upon. Still, this makes shopping for them an endeavor. Would they dangle from a cliff with this carabiner? Are the straps on that rucksack up for the Appalachian Trail? Will these boots blow out in a year or two, halfway up or down a mountain? These are serious considerations one doesn t necessarily go through when purchasing gifts at, say, Macy s. We ve taken care to conduct a whole lot of testing and research to pull together what we ve found to be the best REI has to offer throughout its wide array of categories. So whether it s for your girlfriend, your father, your aunt, or your grandmother who just happens to be an itinerant adventure junkie, there s something for all below. And if nothing strikes your fancy, a $20 lifetime REI Co-op membership and a gift card will never do them wrong. For most items on REI, order by December 20, 9 a.m. PT to get it before December 25. Still shopping for more gifts? Check out all of Insider Picks holiday gift guides for 2019 here.
A trip of a lifetime An REI Adventures trip, starting at $659 Through REI Adventures, you can send them just about anywhere in the world they (or you) please.

A coffee maker for the campsite (and maybe home) AeroPress, $32 Aeropress has such a cult following indoors and out, there s a good chance this will even replace their French press or coffee machine at home, too.

A reusable silicone zip-locking bag to appeal to their inner hippie Stasher reusable bag, $12 Appeal to their (and your) inner hippie with this sealable, reusable silicone storage bag.

A field guide to emergency first aid Pocket Guide to Emergency First Aid, $13 Heaven forbid they need it, but knowing them, you know they will.

A classic 2-burner camping stove Eureka Ignite 2-burner camp stove, $100 There s nothing quite like the two-burner tabletop camp stove, and if they don t have one by now, it s high time. These things last forever.

A new, featherlight bike helmet Smith Bike Helmet, $160 Speaking of lasting forever, help them keep their noggin (or what s left of it) intact.

A cactus-and-fern-scented candle to bring the outdoors in Cactus flower and fern candle, $29 Winter can get bring the outdoors in with a cactus-flower- and fern-scented candle.

A complete hammock shelter system ENO OneLink Hammock Shelter System, $210 The be-all, end-all of camping hammocks.

A brand new snowboard A new Arbor snowboard, $420 Arbor makes some of the prettiest snowboards around, and whether you know it or not, they ve probably longingly admired one of these on the slopes or through a storefront window.

A brand new pair of skis A new pair of skis, $280 and up Rossignol, K2, Salomon, Atomics, and Volkl, REI has them all, and there s no better time to buy last year s still-perfectly-good models than now.

A sleeping bag built for two Siesta double sleeping bag (REI), $149 to $159 If you, or they, haven t tried one of these, especially on winter camping trips, you (and/or they) are in for a far warmer night s sleep.

A pared-down, lightweight Leatherman tool Leatherman Skeletool, $70 Leatherman s best known for its clunkier, more equipped Free and Wave models, which they probably already own. Get them something just as trusty but much more packable for longer treks where every ounce counts.

Ultra-warm socks made from bison wool UBB Bison Wool socks, $38 Pick up a pair for yourself while you re at it: These are great on and off the slopes.

A discounted lift pass at 44 ski resorts Indy ski pass, $189 (originally $200) Get $10 off 88 ski passes at 44 resorts (that s a weekend at each). They ll probably never fill it, but it s a challenge they can only accept.

A skiing or snowboarding helmet, because it s 2019 Smith Valence MIPS snow helmet, $138 (originally $210) Smith Camber MIPS snow helmet, $111 to $112 (originally $170) This is the year they finally start wearing a helmet on the mountain.

A cookware set for proper meals at camp Stanley Even-Heat Camp Pro Cookset, $140 That cheap, ultra-light aluminum cookware set gets hot plenty fast, but it also burns the daylights out of everything all too easily. Get them something they can actually cook on out there.

A waterproof case for the essentials Pelican Go G40 case, $40 No more drowned phones, wallets, or keys.

A rugged wheeled cooler that won t fall apart (on or off the trail) YETI Tundra Haul, $400 Why it took Yeti until this year to make a wheeled cooler is beyond us, but behold!

An adventure canoe for two Mad River Adventure 14 Canoe, $769 An exceptionally cozy fishing or expedition canoe for two. Oh, the places you (and they) will go...

A roof rack box for skis, snowboards, and whatever A Thule Roof Rack Box, $385 and up (originally $550) There s a lot of peace of mind in knowing that your thousands of dollars in snow gear is safely locked on your roof, and almost as much in knowing that there s a little more room inside the car on ski trips this year.

An inflatable SUP to keep in their trunk for paddling whenever, wherever NRS Inflatable SUP Kit, $1,200 Subway- and airplane-compliant, an inflatable SUP will also pack into the trunk of a sedan.

New ski goggles to replace their scratched ones Spy Woot Snow Goggles, $65 It s time they ditch those scratched up old things.

A new rucksack REI Co-op Trail 40 Pack (men s), $59 (originally $119) REI Co-op Trail 40 Pack (women s), $59 (originally $119) All they need for a weeklong trek, nothing they don t.

A portable power station for all their backcountry adventures Goal Zero YETI Portable Power Station, $300 Almost indestructible, this is an essential tool for car-campers and van-lifers everywhere.

A festive, synthetic chinchilla fleece Patagonia Synchilla Snap (women s), $89 (originally $119) Patagonia Synchilla Snap (men s), $104 (originally $139) Warm, fuzzy, and festive to boot.

A vacuum-sealed wine and/or whiskey tumbler YETI Rambler Wine Tumbler, $25 YETI Rambler Lowball Vacuum Tumbler, $20 There s something about the hand feel of these we just can t get over, and there are few better gifts out there for couples.

Chocolate-covered cherries in a tin they ll keep forever Chukar Cherries, $30 A little sugary trailside pick-me-up in a tin they ll never toss.

A heavy-duty ski jacket Arc teryx Beta AR Women s Ski Jacket, $287 to $575 Arc teryx Alpha SV Men s Jacket, $374 to $785 A good ski jacket is imperative on the slopes, and Arc teryx s are among the best.

A lightweight rechargeable headlamp BioLite HeadLamp, $50 The best, and lightest-weight, headlamp on the planet. Even if they already have one (or six), this will quickly become their favorite.

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