Tuesday 18 December 2018
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Businessinsider - 1 month ago

Bose s $350 noise-cancelling headphones are a must-have if you want to live in a quieter world – and they sound great, too

At $350, Bose s comparatively expensive QC35II headphones aren t for everyone, especially if all you want is a simple, good pair of Bluetooth headphones. But Bose s Quiet Comfort headphones come with noise cancelling, and they re usually the best at drowning out unwanted ambient noise. If you re in the market for noise cancelling headphones, the QC35II should certainly be near the top of your shortlist. They deliver premium audio quality, but they re not my favorite headphones for music, as I personally prefer a little bit more bass than they deliver for bass-heavy music. But their excellent noise cancellation and extreme comfort make the QC35II my go-to pair of headphones for every day use. Check out the Bose QC35II headphones:The QC35II are perfect for the office. The QC35II creates a sound proof bubble in the office. They totally remove the hum of the office air conditioners at BI, which can be incredibly loud. Other sounds like office chatter, doors closing, and footsteps are muffled, but they re still audible. Don t expect the kind of silence you get at a library, but these headphones absolutely make the office a less distracting place to work in.

It might not seem like they do a great job in a noisy environment, but they do. The QC35II muffle the sounds of commuting, like subways and noisy streets, but everything is still largely audible. I wasn t very impressed at first, but then I took the headphones off in the middle of a subway ride and realized just how much sound they were cancelling out. The same thing goes for walking around NYC. I initially thought the city was still pretty loud while using QC35II. But once I took them off, I wondered how people live without ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones. It s pretty amazing, and it makes commuting a lot more comfortable.

They re the next best thing after ear plugs for air travel. The headphones don t completely remove an airplane s hum, but they re close! It s the same experience as during my commute. You don t realize just how much noise the QC35II headphones cancel out until you take them off. I wondered the same thing as I did with my commute: How could anyone possibly go through a flight without ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones? The headphones also come with an aux cord that plugs into the headphone jack of any device that still has a headphone port, like an airplane s entertainment system.

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